Life cover & critical illness in Eastbourne, Sussex

Life cover

Life Cover

Often known as Term Life Assurance, it pays out a lump sum of money when the insured person dies. This lump sum goes to those nominated as the beneficiaries. It’s an affordable way to have cover, that would help loved ones with living expenses like the mortgage, utility bills or any debt you may leave behind.

I can carry out a full review and make suitable personalised recommendations in order to provide solutions to suit your needs and budget.

Critical Illness

If you were unfortunate to be diagnosed or suffer a critical illness such as cancer, a heart attack or stroke, this cover is put in place to pay you a tax-free lump sum. It is designed to help and support the changes to your life and ease the financial concerns that may come from it. It may be as simple as paying off your mortgage, covering any loss of earnings, or perhaps making necessary adjustments to your home. If you have dependants at home, the money from your policy could lighten the financial burden placed on you and your family.

I can advise you and lay out your options in this important area of protection for you to decide on.

Critical illness
Family income protection

Family Income Benefit

This is an alternative to Level or decreasing term assurance where Family Income Benefit is designed to replace lost regular income if the insured person dies. Rather than a lump sum, it pays a monthly income.

Clients like the security of knowing a regular monthly income is in place for their loved ones if the worst were to happen.

Whole of Life Insurance

This policy guarantees a lump sum is paid out by the provider to your family, no matter when that is required. The benefits of this are that the policy doesn’t expire after a certain amount of time, and can’t be cancelled due to health or illness. It is what is known as a permanent life insurance policy. 

It’s a very useful part of your insurance portfolio and I will give you advice on how it fits with the other key areas.

Family income protection

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