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Mortgage protection

Decreasing Term Assurance

This type of cover is usually the same as a Mortgage Term Assurance policy whereby it protects a repayment mortgage by mirroring the outstanding balance that reduces over time. In the event that a policyholder dies, the insurance should be sufficient to clear the repayment mortgage balance owing at that time. However, it is not the only solution for protecting your mortgage and other solutions can be more future-proof. I can explain how a decreasing term assurance policy works as well as look at some other alternatives for you.

Level Term Assurance

This cover pays out a fixed lump sum and remains the same throughout, should you die during the term of the policy. Clients often like the fact that the sum stays the same regardless of when in the policy life span it pays out. I can carry out a full review of your needs and priorities and recommend a suitable plan that could help to give you peace of mind.

Income protection
Life cover

Private Medical Insurance

Where you or your family require medical treatment, having Private Medical Insurance would allow you to avoid the NHS queues and be seen in days rather than weeks. There are many benefits included with this type of policy along with different levels of cover depending on your lifestyle and needs and whether it be personal or family cover. I will explain what the options are and make sure the plan is tailored to your requirements.

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